Lace events in Spain

From March to December, it is very common in Spain,that cities and villages host open air lace events. From 100 to 2.000 lacemakers, depending of the importance of the event, participate in lace demos. It is a day of joy and companionship among lacemakers.

The most important open air lace day is “The Diada”. This is a great day for every lacemaker in Catalonia. Up to 2.000 participants join to celebrate the “Lacemakers Day”.  The demo is organized by the “Associació Catalana de Puntaires-ACP”, and every year a different city of Catalonia hosts the event.

Barcelona holds two lace events in a year: Sta. Eulalia’s laceday  in February and “La Mercé” in September  where 500 lacemakers demonstrate in the streets of the center of the city along with open air vendors.

If you are thinking in coming to Spain, do not miss any of our lace days, you will not regret it.

As a sample here it is a short slideshow of Sta. Eulalia’s lace day.