Design of special patterns:

Torchon, Guipure laces, Braid laces (Milanese, Russian, Hinojosa)


 Maybe you would like to decorate with a lace special shaped object as a lamp, an antique fan, or some dressing  as a set of bag and a shawl.
Perhaps you have your own and unique way of looking things,  and you do not find in the market what you are expecting, so you need some extra help designing the lace pattern; or you would like to have another point of view or any idea on the “how to”. Then please do not hesitate in contact me, I will be very happy to support you at a very reasonable price.
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Lamp decoration

Why do not buy a objetc we like and we customize it with lace?
This is the case of this lamp. Originally it was a simply a parchment lamp screen, now we customize it with  torchon lace in black, which decorates the screen.

Black top

What about this easy wear black top?
Unpick the yoke and with its shape it can be designed a lace which gives another and more elegant looking to it.


Set of bag and shawl

This is a special pattern in modern Torchon lace, for a set of shawl and bag, worked with Viscosa thread join with gold and silver metallic threads.


  • bolso marisa

Special fan sticks

This is a special lace design for a very special antique fan sticks….
Worked in Hinojosa lace, with a fine cotton thread, the pattern fits on the original shaped fan sticks.