Some tips&tricks…  always interesting for beginners

Many times you cannot bobbin lace with a bobbin winder. This is a method that is very useful in these cases. Of course you will need get practice, however…this is only a matter of time and persistence.

Winding bobbins manually

You will need about 50 cm. of perle thread or similar. A plastic ring, where an end of the thread will be tied. The other end of the thread will be tied to a large pin o divider that will be pinned on the pillow.Another divider pin, will hold vertically the bobbin of thread


The process of winding is similar as to that of a belt pulley, being the belt the thread and the pulley the pin from the thread is hung. Give two or three wraps around the bobbin with the thread cotton as we make usually before winding to ensure the winding.


Then, with the bobbin in the right hand, wrap the perle thread around the bobbin one time as it can see on the image. Begin to roll up and down the bobbin. The cotton thread winds around the bobbin.

It is not easy to describe, but I hope that with the aid of the images could be understandable.