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Enlace versión español

This is my personal website. It is made for sharing with all people my works, designs and knowledge, and you are welcome to browse around.

To be up to date follow my bilingual blog Spanish & English….

About me
My own designs
Special patterns
 Tonder 2016
 Tordesillas Congress
History of laces 

More about history and  laces

A resume of the origin of laces. Its evolution in styles as Milanese, Russian, Spanish: Hinojosa or “Witchstitch lace”.

Renaissance lace

First laces

Laces in Italy

Milanese lace

Laces in Russia

Russian laces

Numerical laces

Hinojosa lace

Laces in Spain

An overview

Other interesting links

If you are thinking about visiting Spain, demo lace events are usually hold since Spring to Autum in many villages and cities all around the country.

“Lace events in Catalonia

Sta. Eulalia’s 

Annual lace event every February in Barcelona


Tips and Tricks

For beginners and not so beginners lacemakers

Visiting Barcelona

Barcelona’s web

A guide to visiting Barcelona

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